Rules Regulation


Understanding and Using the Rules

These Rules and Regulations are a part of the terms and conditions of the website. They apply to all bets made on this online betting platform ("Site"). There are different types of rules, including:

General Rules:

These rules apply to all bets, unless the Specific Sports Rules state otherwise.

If there's a conflict between the Specific Sports Rules and the General Rules, the Specific Sports Rules take precedence.


Customers should be aware of all the rules that apply to the market on which they want to bet.

Customers using the "one-click" option to place bets are responsible for their actions. The Site is not responsible for any mistakes made by customers when using this option.


Events beyond Site's Control and Technical Issues

The Site is not responsible for any loss or damage you experience due to factors like natural disasters, power outages, disputes, government actions, telecommunication issues, or other delays caused by third parties or events beyond the Site's control. In such cases, the Site can cancel or suspend access to the site without any liability.

The Site is not responsible for equipment or software failures that may prevent the site's operation, regardless of location or control. If a customer notices a technological failure or error, they must inform the Site immediately. If the customer continues to place bets despite the issue, they should take reasonable steps to minimize potential losses. If no action is taken, the Site can void a bet.

The Site has the right to limit access, withhold funds, or void bets in case of technological failures or malfunctions that affect the site's integrity, whether under its direct control or not. Customers will be informed on the Site about any malfunction preventing further bets or voiding outstanding bets.